Tuesday, February 23, 2016

COLDWEATHER COSPLAY: Steapmunk Variation I

I made some Steampunk pieces in the fall to wear while vending at Horsefeathers Haunts (it was in the 20s and 30s... brr...), but never took any photos of them. We had some sleet last week and then it was sunny out and I'm glad I got my act together, got dressed up and lugged my camera and new tripod outside because I got some amazing shots (and this is no being prideful... I claim no credit for Mother Nature's beauty).

(Flashback to being a kid playing in the snow on a lovely winter day... I'm not ashamed. Judge all you want)

 -Goggles (etsy... If you're very interested I could look up the specific shop)
-Purple Hooded Tunic out of Heavy Brushed Cotton (supersoft!) (made by me)
-Black Brocade Underbust (made by me)
-Black Feather Wings (ebay)
-Belt with Aetheray Gun (made by me)
-Black Leggings with Gold Damask Print (Walmart)
-Black Winter Boots

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Creepy Cute White Rabbit Plushies

People seem to like my Zombie Alice's best friend, a creepy version of the White Rabbit, so I made a passel of them. Or is it a Colony? A Herd?

Each one is completely unique with eye button, vest fabric and frock coat fabric variations.

My favorite is the one who ended up with his ears on backwards.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Paisley Peasant Dress

Peasant style dresses make a great staple for costuming. 
In particular for Steampunk costuming, where mix-and-match layering are practically part of the aesthetic!

A simple dress also fits a variety of shapes and sized with elasticated empire waist, neckline and sleeve bands.
 Its gathered effect makes for a fuller skirt and puffy sleeves.
 It can be worn on or off the shoulder (in gypsy blouse fashion).