Saturday, February 16, 2013

(Tinker Sue) Teaser

Since my next project is comprised of a series of garments, I won't be posting them until they're all together  (since we know getting dressed up and taking photos is actually rather an amount of work). So here's a teaser to hold you over (two pieces done, woo!)...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

70s Smock Top Styled 3 Ways (Is it Summer yet?!)

1. The Alice

This turned out rather costume-y looking (I feel a bit like a lolita cosplayer now that I study these photos more) for something that I wanted to be everyday wear. But good news,

1.) It's super comfy/not at all fitted but still looks cute.


2.) I don't give a damn what people think of me, so I'll sure as heck be wearing this ensemble this summer.

Sadly, I have not received my mary-janes yet, but I still wanted to play. These are my saloon boots, which I do wear frequently when the weather is better because I love them.
The underdress is made from fabric saved from the 'free' pile at a thrift store by my friends (and the lace trim was also a salvage). And who's going to refuse free fabric? Not me! It is rather an ugly seersucker, however. Something easily resolved by a packet of Tulip fabric dye. Not bad for my first experiment with the stuff. It is darker in real life than in the photos, but it was a bright, sunny day today and so the colours were slightly washed out by my camera. (The sleeves aren't actually darker than the rest...)

2. 70s Style

The pattern I 'used' for the smock top/pinafore is a vintage pattern in my room mate's possession. Being not a size 12 Miss (34" bust, yeah right! Maybe in 7th grade...), I had to draft it up to size.

 (And added pockets. They are purposely placed to the side rather than more centered because at work I lean against hip-height counters and keep things like my mp3 player in my pocket and rather not have it crushed/smashed against the counter top.)

When it's really warm this summer, I'll so be rocking this (and might have to make a couple more in various fabrics).

PS These are the pair of tights that earn me the most 'Are those tattoos?' despite the fact you can see the seam line where the printing of the pattern breaks on the side of the leg.

3. Capris

For those warm yet not 'hot' summer days, this will go great with these 'hankerchief' print capris I have (in black and red), or with fun capris leggings!

Is it summer yet?!!

I so can't wait. I'm sick, Sick, SICK of wearing jeans (and long johns, and multiple pairs of socks and about five layers of shirts)... stupid winter. I want to wear my cute clothes again!

And some jewelry options...

I didn't think of it for the first round of photos, but I have multiple options for Alice jewelry!

My beautiful shadow box locket made by my friend, supermutts...
Craftster Post About Its Construction

Or my new necklace I got for Christmas from my aunt (who got it from an etsy shop)...

Paired with my 70s outfit is my pocket watch (an Christmas gift from my cousin several years ago), previously seen with numerous bohemian outfits and steampunk ones... And some dollar store sunglasses... (because if I pay more than $5 for a pair, they'll be lost or broken within a week. I have bad sunglasses kharma.)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


  • Mystery Project
    • Phase I (already underway)
    • Phase II?
  • Alice in Wonderland Outfit (already ordered some maryjanes and tights!)
    • 70s Smock Top
      • draft pattern to size from vintage 70s pattern
        • plus pockets?
      • make white cotton/muslin version
      • decorate with card suit motif?
    •  Dress
      • draft up?
      • use ugly hand-me-down fabric
      • dye dress darker blue
  • TinkerSue steampunk series of costumes?
  • research faux fabric for Harry Coat commission
  • design some Alice in Wonderland fabric to use via